Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Allergies 2

Cicily went to the allergist on Friday, and I have been really good about making sure her epi pen goes with her where ever she goes.  Since the visit takes like 2 hours they don't allow extra children, and Diane was sick so we let Cicily choose, and she chose daddy to go with her so I stayed home with Renick.  I felt like the epi pen should go with her so we put it in Cicily's bag.  So Nick and Cicily went to the appointment, they did the scratch test on her back and found out she has an allergy to pistachios in addition to the cashews.  So they drew some blood to check if there were any other nuts she had an allergy to, and most of them were really mild except the cashews, and the pistachios, which were the worst.  The doctor told us she should stay away from all tree nuts, because her allergies could still be developing, the reaction could change and be worse next time (or better you just don't know), and the only way to out grow the allergy is through abstinence.  So after the appointment they came home, and we forgot that Cicily's epi pen was in her bag, and the bag was left on the floor.  Well Renick got into her bag and got the epi pen out, and he must have been paying attention when I've been training Cicily, because he took it out of it's case, removed the blue safety device, and jabbed it into his leg.  Only instead of putting it in the thigh where it belongs he did it just above the knee cap.  We took him to the hospital, because the medicine wasn't ment for him or his age.  So my 2 year old has already overdosed.  The hospital kept Renick for observation for half an hour to watch his heart rate then they let us go home.  My adrenaline was probably as high as Renick's my hands were shaking so bad.  We've had quite the adventure.

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